XS Volume 04 No 12 (1990)

XS Volume 04 No 12 PDF Porn Magazine By Galaxy Publishing Company Featuring Donna Ambrose as Paula, Lara McEwan as Shana, Maxine Locke as Erica

Some women you find on an archaeological dig, helping by standing round looking beautiful. Some you find in an art gallery in Milan, carrying a slim volume of their own poetry. Others smoulder with a quiet intensity, like Sylvia, and dislike conforming to any convention. Rebellion is a state of mind, she told us, and she has quaffed deep of intoxicating ideas like going into a field full of sheep and shouting ‘mint sauce!’ putting your feet up on the seats in railway carriages, glaring at people and whistling in a loud and irksome manner and then denying that it was you.

Stella has had a variable working career. She started off as a bingo caller as a summer job; you know, all the nines, gin a kiss — twenty three, key to the door — thirty eight … It was at that point that she quit to be a test pilot for cow heel jam. After that, Stella took up basketwork and wove her own wicker bathtub. Her other hobbies incude sitting down rapidly when someone say ‘rissoles’, sandpapering elves and walking home from the pub with a traffic cone on her head.

XS Volume 04 No 12 (1990)
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