XS Undercover Special (1990)

XS Undercover Special (1990)

XS Undercover Special (1990)
English | PDF | 88 Pages | 174 MB

XS Undercover Special Published monthly by Galaxy Publications Ltd., P.O. Box 312, Witham, Essex CM8 3SZ. Fiction: all characters are fictitious and there is no intended reference to persons either living or dead. Typeset and printed in England.

Featuring Models:
Vida Garman as Valeska
Sidra looks like Paula Ann Wood.
Maxine = Heidi Hooters

Inside Stories:
You might think that these girls have nothing in common, but, in point of fact, indeed they have. For example, they have all read Dostoevsky, and they all enjoyed slaking their literary thirst with his heady brew of obsessions — human destiny, freedom, good, evil, and how to avoid insurance sales-men.

In The Brothers Karamazov, for example, there’s a bloke who’s perfectly happy to serve life imprisonment on account of how he feels guilty for leaving his wife, who’d insured him with a fully comprehensive policy prior to attempting to hit him with a shovel.

He’d turn round suddenly and there she’d be, spade aloft, and upon being caught in the act she’d suddenly start whistling and polishing her nails. And what was with the big red mushrooms with white spots on toast for supper?


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