XS Undercover Special 1990

XS Undercover Special 1990

XS Undercover Special 1990
English | PDF | 88 Pages | 174 MB

XS Undercover Special 1990 Vintage Porn Magazine PDF Featuring Models Vida Garman as Valeska, Heidi Hooters And More

Blimey, there’s no end of superheroes coming up from the drains these days mate. And speaking of reptiles, guess which Welsh politician, whilst in the full flow of rhetoric, was described as looking like a tortoise having an orgasm? And which gameshow presenter with a toupe was likened to Uriah Heep on speed? Likened to Heep on speed, to Heep on speed, likened. Valeska, on the other hand, likes to keep goldfish in her plastic trousers, and plastic trousers on her goldfish. Makes you wonder where she puts that little bridge, and that pipe with the bubbles coming out.

Baslia is the same age as was William Wil-berforce when he had a kind of mystical experience — 25. William was walking along on the Continong and suddenly! —he saw it all! Yes, the end of human slavery was nigh; he had seen the future, and the future looked like strange pipes which people pushed around their houses to eat the dirt! He saw jolly fat ladies doing silly dance-steps as they sang the praises of carpet-deodorisers, he saw Lord Kitchener pointing sternly at a sweetie wrapper blowing down the street, he saw the pavement coming up to meet him and realised he’d had too much Mucho Java as tiny blue birds wearing straw hats and little orange pixies skipped round him in a circle …


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