Xotica No 13 (1981)

Xotica No 13 May 1981

Xotica No 13 May 1981
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 64 Pages | 130 MB

Xotica No 13 May 1981 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Published By Elfra Verlag Featuring Cathy Stewart

Charly knows what Veronika likes. He gently fondles at her tits and the fully erect nipples. Their lips meet as his hand glides under the nymphomanic’s G-string. Veronika’s cunt is already dripping with randy juices, and he tenderly undresses her.

Like lightning they have fallen into the horny game of sucking and licking and now they start with a hot fuck that makes them forget about anything else. “Your dick is burning me,” Veronika moans enthousiastedly.

After the ride I was hot as a burning fire. Ben is a little shy, you know and so as he kissed me I pressed his hands against my tits. I took this chance and grabbed him in the crotch and massaged his balls. Dear Ben understood what this meant at once.

There are many men who are horned on Asian girls. And Kim has a craving for horny white cocks. As she sees Georg her heart begins to beat faster and her cunt oozes, at once. “Let’s go and play a hot little game,” she begs. Who could resist a temptation like this?


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