Women Who Need Powerfull Men April May June 1987

Women Who Need Powerfull Men April May June 1987

Women Who Need Powerfull Men April May June 1987 (Gourmet)
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Women Who Need Powerfull Men April May June 1987 PDF Porn Magazine Vintage Featuring Models Rachel Ryan

Which of us has not had an occasional wild flight of fancy in which we have been totally involved in some exotic sexual scenario? For some, such imaginings may take place quite frequently. While many people enjoy these delectable daydreams, others, filled with culturally induced guilt and shame, dread them.

They consider themselves sinful, “perverted; or even insane for having such thoughts, even though they have no intention of acting them out. However, many psychologists and psychiatrists agree that mental imaging can be beneficial. It is, after all. the essence of the human animal to think, to imagine, to fantasize.

It is largely this ability which sets him apart from all lower life forms. Therefore, it should not be surprising that this creative gift spawns activity in one of Man’s most basic spheres—his sexual world. Rather than shrink from the erotic scenes flashing before the mind’s eye, one should relax and enjoy them—even learn and grow in personality and self-confidence from their closer examination.

At the very least, one should not feel guilt or shame for something which is purely a product of the imagination. Often, insecure people may feel that they’re alone in their daydreams, that others are not similarly “afflicted.” If they could be made to understand that such imaginings are almost universal, they would feel more positive about themselves. It is to this end that we present an erotic fantasy in magazine form.

Many readers will recognize and identify with this particular story line, or one very similar, and feel more comfortable and secure in the knowledge that others have sexual daydreams, too. In a very real sense, such published recountings of fantastic sexual adventures are educational—for they hold up to the reader a mirror image of his own erotic thoughts and show him that, after all, people are pretty much alike and that he need not fear being “different” ever again.


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