With A Touch of Class

With A Touch of Class Vintage PDF Porn Magazine From 80’s Featuring Models Like Danielle Martin & Laurie Smith

Mark had just finished putting in his Jacuzzi and planned to spend the day relaxing in it. He slipped into the warm, bubbling water and let it soothe his sore muscles. He hadn’t realized just how much work would go into the project when he had planned it, but the results were worth the effort. It had turned out exactly as he had planned, and now he could relax and enjoy it. He started to doze when he thought he heard muted giggling and whispers coming from behind the fence. Looking around, he spied his two neighbors peeking in. He waved for them to come in. Dina and Debbie were two luscious girls who had just moved into the neighborhood. Mark hadn’t had a chance to meet them yet, since he had been so busy with his project.

With A Touch of Class (Pretty Girls Erotica Series)
English | PDF | 40 Pages | 61 MB


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