Willing Housewives Volume 02 No 01 April May June 1976

Willing Housewives Volume 02 No 01 April May June 1976

Willing Housewives Volume 02 No 01 April May June 1976
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Willing Housewives Volume 02 No 01 April May June 1976 is published four times a year by Red Lion Publishing Company, 21322 Lassen Street, Chatsworth, California 91311. It is produced and distributed as adult entertainment aimed at illuminating ongoing changes in current patterns of societal behavior with the view that the picturing and displaying of the unclothed human body is deserving of increased acceptance in our contemporary culture. All rights reserved on entire contents of this issue; nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher. Copyright 1976 by Red Lion Publishing Company. Manuscripts and illustrations must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope; the publisher cannot assume responsibility for the safe return of unsolicited material. We do not release any information about, or sell photographs of, any model appearing in this magazine. Any similarity between persons living or dead and the characters named in fiction or semifiction is entirely coincidental. All photographs in this magazine, except those of public figures, are posed by professional models, and neither the photographs nor the words accompanying them describe, or are meant to be understood as, the actual personality or conduct of the models. Distributed exclusively by Parliament News, Inc., 21314 Lassen Street, Chatsworth, California 9131I. Printed in the U.S.A.

Anthropologists are scientists who study how man behaves in groups: customs, taboos and all the other ways groups manage to get along, survive and thrive. They travel all over the world studying nations and tribes and families. They’re the experts. Recently some leading anthropologists made some startling discoveries—about sex. They discovered that the people who are most hung up about sex are anthropologists, themselves.

Not only do they not seek out sexual information about all the peoples of the earth that they study, they actively steer away from finding out about sexual practices. Apparently, as one anthropologist put it, in regard to sexual practices, “If I ask them they may ask me.” Obviously this researcher limits research from shame. The failure to study sex, to gather the data and relate it to other groups of mankind, is called “our most shameful chapter” by one leading scientist. A weak explanation is offered by another: “Anthropologists, for the most part, are very conventional and really hung up about sex.”

But scientists are supposed to be—they must be—objective about their subjects. The moment personal bias creeps in, scientific fact topples into conjecture and opinion. But give these scientists credit: they are, at least, ad-mitting their shortcomings. They are honest about their faults. That’s a start towards better, more honest research. Meanwhile, the self-appointed “sex experts”—the ones who tell YOU what YOU may or may not do—based on their personal opinions and their passed-along prejudices, continue as positive as ever. If the real experts—the scientists—admit they have erred, and that they really don’t know much about sex yet, why should you put up with the so-called “knowledge” of laymen who know nothing? Tell them to go soak their heads. Tell them to mind their own business—not to take their hangups out on you.


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