VIP's Lounge No 01 September 1987

VIP’s Lounge No 01 September 1987

VIP’s Lounge No 01 September 1987
English, German, Dutch | PDF | 90 Pages | 38.4 MB

VIP’s Lounge No 01 September 1987 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine From CP-Produktion GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

Bea leaned back with a satisfied smile on the trip back and she enjoyed very much her new pregnancy fashion with the fitting fashion dessous which she was not willing to miss whilst pregnant. Her servants were recruted out of the demimonde and they adored her as slaves. Christine she had saved of teeing a hooker, Chatty she got out of the bunk against a boll. Both are joining in with her sexual tendencies.

Chatty had given fair well with o hand kiss, but he deceided to peep on her changing dresses. Tender and greedy at the same time Christines hands were trembling when she touched as Shout purpose the changing but still very attracting forms of the body of her female boss. Bea was breathing hard when she heard in the room next door Chaffy wanking.

Oh, Beo I cannot stand that any longer, please, please wank it harder, please make me come,” helplessly trembling was Chistine’s body and out of her open mouth saliva came floating. Bea turned Christine around and caressed her nipples.

With pleasure Bea pinched in the erected nipples of Christine’s. She had opened her lighs slightly and one could see clearly the hot drops spring from the open slit. Christine was getting holler and hotter and drops of sweet appeared on her body


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