Video X Volume 12 February 1981

Video X Volume 12 February 1981

Video X Volume 12 February 1981 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine For Free To Download Including:
-Profile of photographer Ron Raffaelli
-Swedish Erotica latest releases
-‘Portrait of Seduction’ review
-‘Inside Desiree Cousteau’ review
-‘Latex Slaves’ review
-The Video X First Amendment Ball
-Upcoming 1981 film preview

All around us there is a revolution taking place; not a political uprising, but a revolution in communications technology which promises to forever change the way we think and live. Propelled by an explosion of computer chips and microcircuitry, video entertainment systems now reach virtually everyone, from the kid with the quarter to plunk into a Space Invaders machine, to the mature, sexually liberated adult with his VCR, video camera, and library or erotic tapes.

In keeping with the “more and better” spirit of the video revolution, VIDEO X, the world’s only preview of adult video features, moves into 1981, with the hottest video features available in the world, along with the best in sex entertainment, equipment news, erotic products, contests, classifieds, and much, much more. As we enter the New Year, we thought it only fitting to reflect on our past endeavors.

With this issue, we take special pride in presenting the absolute best material to grace our pages through-out 1980. You will find here the work of such talents as Miami artist Ruth Dial, photographer Ron Raffaelli, and director Anthony Spinelli (who, incidentally, was nominated in the 1980 Erotica Awards for his work on Cal Vista International Video’s feature Easy). The famed Swedish Erotica 8mm line recently became available on videocassette and you’ll be able to catch a repeat look at that as well.

Video X Volume 12 February 1981
English | PDF | 98 Pages | 27 MB


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