Twosomes No 06 (1980)

Twosomes No 06 (1980)

Twosomes No 06 (1980)
English | PDF | 40 Pages | 48 MB

Twosomes No 06 (1980) Vintage Porn Magazine From Marquis: He Knew What I Wanted & I Was Ready To Please-Oh Was I Ready!

I suppose Jane was expecting me to make my usual arrival at her pad by screeching my Firebird into her driveway, the top down, and vaulting over the side instead of opening the car’s door. This had been my usual routine, except that when I’d pulled that stunt a few nights earlier, I practically got a groin strain. This time I decided to be cool about it.

Sneaky cool. I glided in and decided to slip into her place through the back door, taking her by surprise. Well, the most surprised one was me! I had snuck across the kitchen and toward the livingroom to stand dead in my tracks. There was Jane flubbing her pussy with her hand, eyes all closed and face flushed like it always does when she’s about to get off. Man, I just stood there watching as the first trembles began along her mouth slowly opened to show those keyboard teeth of hers—and then she was twisting and moaning and coming in gushes of sexual pleasure.


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