Twighlight Sex Volume 01 No 01 (1971)

Twighlight Sex Volume 01 No 01 (1971)

Twighlight Sex Volume 01 No 01 PDF 70s Porn Magazine In Black And White Pages Except Cover And Back Cover And Poster In Middle.

Just as I took my tights off she went on, “Miss Thorpe, the lady’s name, reached out and touched my bottom. You touch it Rhonda, and show you what I did” Rhonda touched the inviting posterior. “I turned around to ask her what the hell she was doing and she pulled me to her, feeling for my breasts.

Her excJe was that she had to find out if I was firm:” “Good Lord” exclaimed Rhonda, HMI bet you nearly died!” Liz carried on undressing, wriggling her hips as she came out of her pants, and bouncing her breasts out of her bra. “I stood there, naked, whilst Miss Thorpe walked around me, touching me all over. Suddenly she pulled me to her and kissed me, her hand going between my legs….” Rhonda looked horrorstruck. “I struggled for a few seconds, then the most marvellous feeling came over me, I just seemed to melt.

Honestly Rhonda, her hand was so soft, and the things she could do with her tongue. Before I knew what was happening, I was on the floor, my legs apart and she was between them, her lips doing everything possible. I never noticed her get undressed, but she was starkers and giving me a wonderful work out. When I came it was like an explosion, I thought the ceiling was going to fall in. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the floor, bringing each other off. No more men for me honey, give me a woman from now on.

Twighlight Sex Volume 01 No 01 (1971)
English | PDF | 60 Pages | 9 MB


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