Twen No 05

Twen No 05 Retro Adult Magazine PDF Featuring Fascination with CC models Nana and Barbro, Heisses Model, Lynn, Es erregt mich meine Titten

While Metha disappeared quickly to the bathroom, Ellen got busy with the repair-man. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized that the brownskinned girl before him only had snowwhite underwear on. Nobody could resist such an invitation! Whilst he gaped ecstatically at Metha, Ellen had already gone to work – she was licking his stiff cock to his, and, her heart’s delight. This was exactly what he’d always dreamed of – and now his dream was a wonderful reality.

Metha was exactly the kind of black girl that turned him on most, wild and uncontrollable. Ellen was just the opposite, soft and gentle. The perfect combination – guaranteed to make any man lose his mind. Ellen undressed tantalizingly slowly and he watched her intently, noticing only that Metha was working even more provocatively on his warm rod. With a gentle violence he pulled Ellen’s pussy over his face and stuck his tongue into her warm hole, until her juices ran. She shuddered with pleasure which excited him even more, so that he shoved his member even deeper into the negress’s tight cunt.

Twen No 05
English, German, French | PDF | 80 Pages | 107 MB


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