Turn On 1973

Turn On 1973

Turn On 1973
English | PDF | 68 Pages | 10 MB

Turn On 1973 Vintage Black And White Pages Porn Magazine Published By Gold Star Publications Ltd., Whyteleafe, UK

Christine was shy; but she could feel the fires smouldering inside herself and it frightened her a bit. Then she met Gordon. And fell for him hard. She worried, not about giving herself, but about whether she could. Then they were alone together for the first time. Under Gordon’s spell, she shed her shyness in seconds, her clothes in minutes, and discovered her hidden, true self, instinctively behaving with all the happy abandon of an expert concubine. And loving every minute of it! Follow her progress through 64 fabulous photographs.

You can double your fun by outfitting Judy with some slinky boudoir lingerie. The high-fashion mini-bra comes in black or deep mauve. Luxury matching tiny briefs are available but the open crotch panties are a lot cheaper and also a lot of fun in scarlet or black. Open-crotch tights can be had in yellow, lilac, red. tan, oatmeal and black. Printed ‘naughty Knickers’ are even less of a strain on your pocket and feature five different designs: 2 Black Hands — Lips 8: Cigarette — Teddy Bear — Sir. Bee — ‘Smiley’ Face. State colour and design choice when ordering. (And for maximum pleasure, don’t forget a tube of specially formulated lubrication cream.)


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