Transexual Climax No 16 September 1995

Transexual Climax No 16 September 1995

Transexual Climax No 16 A Special Magazine Number One In Shemale Action. Download XXX Hardcore Transexual Shemale Content, Hot Lady And More …

Jacqueline took his first steps into the world of transexualism, as a transvestite. When he was a young boy, he could be found admiring himself in front of a mirror, dressed in his sister’s clothes… Later, Jacqueline – alias Jack – decided to change his body, so that he would look even more like a woman. Homo-sexuality is often referred to as the “third sex”, so it would be quite logical to call transexuality the “fourth sex”. Robert was well aware of Jacqueline’s identity when he met him/her at a cocktail party in the suburbs of Los Angeles. And Jacqueline made no effort to hide it when she said to her prospective seducer: “I am not one hundred percent woman… you know…” Robert got the…

Ricky stared hornily into the eyes of the lovely mulatto girl sitting on the other side of the bar… “I’d love to get my prick up your arsehole, baby!” he thought to himself, not knowing at that moment how close to the truth he was… “Why don’t you and I make some sweet sexy music!” he suggested in a low, hoarse voice.The bar was totally empty and Ricky was not expecting any more customers to turn up. He started to slide his hand down the front of her panties, but she stopped him… “Not now, please, darling!” the dark-skinned beauty sighed. “Please kiss my arsehole first!”

Transexual Climax No 16 September 1995
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