Transexual Climax No 14 June 1994

Transexual Climax No 14 Number One In Shemale Sex Action. Kinky Doctor, Plus More… Lovey Young Transexuals in Action.

“Uhhh… are you Madame Claudine?” Bernard enquired of the person who opened the door. “Yes, come in!” the lady replied with a foxy smile. “My uncle sent me!” Bernard ex-plained nervously. “We already know that… In fact we’ve got something prepared for you!” the madame continued. “You do like brunettes, don’t you?” Bernard was thrilled and mystified – a great mixture of feelings…

He knew that his uncle knew the lady, but he had never expected such an introduction. “Come along. Don’t be bashful!” Claudine smiled. “Just wait until you see the two beauties I’ve got for you!” she added, opening the door to the boudoir just a little.

“Aren’t these ‘demoiselles’ just your type?” she asked, even though she knew the anwer beforehand. By this time, Bernard’s initial nervousness had disappeared. “Well… I must admit, my uncle really knows how to spoil me when he treats me to a sur-prise!” he replied enthusiastically. At that moment, the two transexuals discovered they were being ogled. “Hi there!” Sylvie exclaimed joyfully. “Why donlyou let Daphne and I show you a little something to warm you up!” she added, as she and her part-ner in sin did a number reserved for clients with an invitation…

Transexual Climax No 14 June 1994
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