Transexual Climax No 13 November 1992

Transexual Climax No 13 November 1992

Transexual Climax No 13 November 1992
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 68 Pages | 122 MB

Transexual Climax No 13 November 1992 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Number One In Shemale Sex Action Published By Color Climax

When Ginger moved into her new apartment, she thought it would be nice to invite her next-door neighbour to lunch. Ulla was delighted. There was something strangely sexy about Ginger that really attracted her… When they had finished eating, Ginger began to corne on strong. Ulla, who was “bi”, welcomed her hot embraces… It was not long before Ginger had Ulla just where she wanted her… “You’ve got nice tits!” she told her as she bit her nipples gently. Ulla gave a little laugh… “My horoscope said I was in for a nice surprise!” she sighed…

“God! This is much more exciting than being with a lesbian!” Ulla sighed, as she sucked Ginger’s erection. Ulla had often held lewd orgies with other women, but she had to admit that those escapades were nothing compared to novelty of being with a lover who was “hall and hale! Male and female bisexuals aiways feel lucky when they meet androgynes like Ginger. It gives them the rare chance to enjoy the best of both genders!


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