Topbusters No 12

Topbusters No 12 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Featuring Models Like Nanette Shelter as Carol Kingsize, Rosemary England, Titty Carter, Lisa De Leeuw as Sally Morgan And More …
All rights reserved and reproductions without permission strictly forbidden. All contributions including colour transparencies and photographs submitted are sent at owners risk and while every care is taken no responsibility can be assumed for loss or damage. All characters and events in this magazine are fictional unless specifically stated otherwise. The views and opinions of the contributors are not necessarily those of the publishers. Photographs used in this magazine were posed for by professional models and so are not intended to depict the real-life character or behaviour of the models. All letters and unsolicited material sent to this magazine will be assumed intended for publication and may be used for this purpose. An SAE must accompany any unsolicited material if return is required and this magazine cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of such material. The Publishers would like to state that all the photographs in this magazine feature simulated, not real sex and additionally, all the models are over 18 years of age and that all the captions attached to pictures in no way relate to the models who are all professional models.

Topbusters No 12
English | PDF | 76 Pages | 139 MB


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