Tonight No 02 September 1959

Tonight No 02 September 1959

Tonight No 02 September 1959
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Tonight No 02 September 1959 is published by BEACON PUBLICATIONS INC., 129691/2 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, California. Manuscripts and illustrations from contributors must be accompanied by return postage. While every effort will be made to insure prompt and careful handling, no responsibility can be token for unsolicited material.
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The double date really is something to be avoided. Yet, to be realistic about it, there are times when one must grin and bear it. At these times one has to make the best of things. We recommend the following technique. Your gal, Griselda, has you over a barrel. She’s just about ready to see things your way and she has let you know it. But, just because she’s a woman, she wants to make you sweat a little. She insists on going “double” with her roommate and another guy.

If you give up now, you’ve lost all the headway you’ve gained so far. Yet, a false step on the double date could cost you your chances. What to do? Get next to the other guy fast. Now you can be darned sure that Griselda and Eloise have beat you to the punch. Their signals are all worked out. One raised eyebrow means “let’s go some place else.” A coughing spell means “stick close to me, he’s gaining ground.” A fluttered handkerchief means “meet me in the lady’s room in three minutes.” Thing to do is work out your own signals. More important, work out your own battle plan. Be sure you fix it with the other Joe so that you get separated. It doesn’t really matter how you get …


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