The Late Show No 02 (1991)

Hello again, and welcome to the second issue of THE LATE SHOW, the magazine that promises to put a spring in your step and a crease in your Y-fronts. The response to our first issue was extremely encouraging, as you can see from some of the readers’ letters featured this time round. ‘I haven’t had such a steamy experience since the wife pressed my trousers while I was still wearing them’, pointed out Mr. Bailey of Cornwall, while my mum wrote in saying, ‘I wish you’d get a proper job.’ Thanks mum, but next time please put a stamp on – we’re not made of money, you know. Anyway, if you want to know how the udder half lives then this is the place to look. THE LATE SHOW is devoted to the unashamed enjoyment of the wide and wonderful world of naughty video, where willing wenches whip out their wobblers on cue and their husbands/boyfriends/lovers don’t suddenly develop splitting headaches or say, ‘Leave it out, love. I’m watching MATCH OF THE DAY!’

The Late Show No 02 (1991)
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