The Girl Watcher June 1959

The Girl Watcher June 1959
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The Girl Watcher June 1959 PDF Magazine Love Goddess Issue Black And White Pages

OUR SURVEY OF RECENT LETTERS shows that 97.5% of our readers are photographers of one sort or another. The question of who was born first, the Girl Watcher or photographer can probably only be determined by the 1/50th to a 1/200th click of the shutter. What it all simmers down to is that every male, whether he be a photographer or a charter member Girl Watcher W. F. (without flashbulbs) both like to look at the girl next door in their image finder.

Each mail brings amateur photographs from Kalamazoo to New Mexico showing moms, sisters and that living doll next door taking sunbaths in bikinis, shorts, longics, or what have you. Old Aunt Tilda, my maiden aunt, who wears a knee-length bathing suit when she takes her Saturday night baths, would have passed out with shock if she could have lamped the photographic evidence of unblushing feminine pulchritude in home towns throughout the nation.

We are very pleased to print the following photos mailed to us by amateur photographer and Girl Watcher combined, Fred Potts, who lives in Beaumont, Texas. And there’s Fred’s story to go with it. I’m known as a big wheel at school,” Fred writes, “The only trouble is I couldn’t get this message across to a cool kitten named Pam who lives in the house next door.

She gives me the ice cube treatment every time I try to speak to her at school but I can’t get her out of my mind due to her being a real living doll and the ultimate in pulse-leaping femininity. Desperately, I worked out a plan to win her with flattery. I bought a cheap camera and shot photos of her every time I got within range of her.


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