Teenager No 18 October 1982

Teenager No 18 October 1982

Teenager No 18 October 1982 (Silwa)
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 64 Pages | 111 MB

Teenager No 18 October 1982 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine

Mane’s cheeks are as rosy as her horny honey box. Her hands hurry over his body and pull down his pants. She hungers for a randy session

Two hot studs feel Marie’s moist, warm lips and her tongue playing on their throbbing cocks. The blokes can hardly contain themselves any longer. There is passion and power in their loins. “Hey, looks like you’re too weak to gimme the works,” Marie urges the blokes.

The hot ride drives her crazy, she is about to explode. “Ah, that’s fine,” she moans, and the hard rod is plunged deep into her tight girlish cunt. “Come on my lithe one. Lie yourself down so .I can fondle your randy pussy.” Marie is glowing with horny passion. One of the guys screws her like a stallion while the other one shoves his cock into her warm moist throat.


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