Teenage Sex No 73 March 1993

Teenage Sex No 73 Porn Magazine by Color Climax Corporation Was One of the First Porn Magazines in the 1970s to Display Full-Color Pictures of Cute Nice Girls Having Hard-Core Sex. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

Linda’s parents were always giving her advice on how to behave. One of the things they tried to impress on her, was never to get involved with long-haired guys. Naturally, the first thing she did was to fall in love with a young man with a very long pony-tail. Her father had a weak heart, so she didn’t dare take him home. They had to rendezvous in secret. Linda had also fallen in love with Dustin’s big, powerful motorcycle. She adored the thrills involved in travelling at high speeds…

Linda quickly discovered how wrong her parents were about long-haired men. Dustin may have looked strange in their opinion, but he was clean – at least his body was -affectionate and generous. Or was he the exception to the rule? Linda made a point of shaving her cunny lips, which had an extremely stimulating effect on her randy boyfriend. It was as smooth as satin, and the inside of…

Teenage Sex No 73 March 1993
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 84 Pages | 30 MB


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