Teenage Sex No 54 October 1988

Teenage Sex No 54 October 1988

Teenage Sex No 54 Enjoys a Tasty Double Dick Surprise, Plus More… Teenage Sex Porn Magazine by Color Climax Corporation Was One of the First Porn Magazines in the 1970S to Display Full-Color Pictures of Cute Nice Girls Having Hard-Core Sex.

Katrine’s boyfriend Klaus, had invited her for a weekend at his place in Dusseldorf. His parents were away, and they had the place to themselves. What Klaus had not told her, was that his cousin Freddy would be there too. Katrine had been annoyed at first, but a nice little threesome was enough to take the sling out of her anger…

When Gloria’s friends called her “cock-eyed”, they didn’t mean that she suffered from a squint! Yes, you’ve guessed it! She simply couldn’t keep her eyes off the bulges in guys’ pants! She was so obsessed by male meat. that it was interefering with her studies for her final exam at secretarial school…

Wendy and Rose were real football “groupies-. who were always hanging around their local team’s practise field. One afternoon, Tex. had been doing some extra training as a punishment. and the girls, went to console their hero…

Teenage Sex No 54 October 1988
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