Teenage Sex No 41

Teenage Sex No 41 November 1985

Teenage Sex No 41 November 1985
English, German, French | PDF | 84 Pages | 31 MB

Teenage Sex No 41 November 1985 PDF Porn Magazine From Color Climax Lovely Young Girls In Action
All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

Sex and money are perfect partners, and that’s a well known fact. And for the first lime in her life, Christel was actually experiencing the pleasure! As she mounted her lover for a ride into sexual oblivion, she moaned and sighed something about their next holiday… She’d always wanted to take a trip to far away places, and now she could fulfill her desires! She closed her eyes and imagined herself walking through the streets of Rio at Carnival time… The vision worked like a powerful aphrodisiac as she humped up and down on Klaus’s big prick…

Even though the slogan on his T-shirt read: “Enjoy a nice cool girl”, in reality, Pete liked his women hot! Girls were like reefers to him, they turned him on, but he liked to share them with his friends too! That’s why he took Katie over to Steve’s place, after he’d picked her up in a music store. Steve was waiting to greet them when they arrived at his luxurious pad…

Katja was thrilled to bits. Pete and Steve had written some of her favourite songs, and here she was with two of her idols, in a situation that would make her classmates die from pure jealousy! She was also ecstatic about having two hard, throbbing dicks at her disposal? The atmosphere In Steve’s house was filled with the delicate musky perfume from her cunny, and the smell of sweaty cocks, one of which she was sucking as though it was the “stall of life”!


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