Teenage Sex No 18 (1981)

Teenage Sex No 18 Vintage Porn Magazine PDF Published By Color Climax. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

Professor Shultz couldn’t concentrate. His prick was throbbing so much. Although he’d promised Heidi’s wealthy guardian that he’d help her with her studies. the only thing he could think of was the furry slit between her legs. His desire got the better of him and he grasped her by the thigh, pushing her backwards onto the sofa. In a trice. he had her knickers off. He forced his head between her legs and pulled her delicious cunt lips apart. Forgive me. my dear, he gasped, surprised at his boldness, but I must fuck you!

Instead of resisting. Heidi lay back on the sofa and looked on with anticipation as the professor removed his pants. Oh my. professor Shultz.” she gasped. grasping his pulsing tool, what a fat cock you’ve got!” She rubbed the shaft of Shultz’s prick, and her juices began to flow as she felt it harden to her touch. Shultz was amazed. She wasn’t as innocent as he thought. “Let me suck you!” she demanded, clamping her lips round his engorged glans …

Teenage Sex No 18 (1981)
English, German, French | PDF | 80 Pages | 35 MB


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