Teenage Schoolgirls No 41 April 1994

Teenage Schoolgirls No 41 April 1994

Teenage Schoolgirls No 41 PDF Porn Magazine Michelle Is Hooked on a Big Fat Prick, Plus More… High Class Photography Plus Hot Juicy School Girls, Learning About Love & Lust. All Models In Magazine Are +18 Years Old Or More! Published By Color Climax.

Whenever Estelle had a day off college, she liked to go down to the harbour, and as she put it: “Check out the scenery”. Her idea of scenery had nothing to do with the picturesque. The boats and the water were very nice to look at, but what really interested her, were the guys who cruised the dockside. Guys like Arnie, for example. He was precisely her type, and as soon as she laid eyes on him, it was a case of “lust at first sight”. The feeling was mutual! And after a couple of drinks, the young college girl found herself back at his place, having her body thoroughly investigated…

Everybody has heard about the “American Dream”. Cherise had her own version of this particular expression, even though she did not really know it: the “American Wet Dream”! She had a constant damp patch in her panties, because of her eternal preoccupation with the male organ. She was a penis freak, and even went as far as keeping a little notebook – written in code where she listed every guy she had fucked, his performance, on a scale from one to ten, and last, but not least, his vital statistics! Jason was the newest entry in Cherise’s book. He didn’t think twice when she…

Teenage Schoolgirls No 41 April 1994
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 100 Pages | 124 MB


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