Teenage Schoolgirls No 21 July 1989

Teenage Schoolgirls No 21 July 1989

Teenage Schoolgirls No 21 July 1989 (Color Climax)
English, German, French | PDF | 83 Pages | 13 MB

Teenage Schoolgirls No 21 Sisi knows a more exciting game than playing squash. High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love & lust

Ginny was crazy about Leroy, the captain of the college boxing team. When he was training, sex was forbidden, so she was really happy when the intercollege championships were over. The summer vacation was on the way. and she had Leroy and his big black cock all to herself… Leroy was relaxing at home, one afternoon, when Ginny dropped by… “Hi, honey!” she greeted him. “I decided to come around, to keep you and your dick company!” she added…

It is a well known fact that the majority of girls who come from countries that have very sunny climates have temperaments that are just as hot as the sun! Sultry, seductive Paquita, is a typical example of this type of female. She comes from the South of Spain, and like most Andalousian girls, she has warm, velvet eyes – and a cunny to match! She is pure sexual dynamite which any of her lovers will confirm. In fact, some of them are convinced that she has chillisauce running through her veins instead of blood!


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