Teenage Schoolgirls No 12 July 1987

Teenage Schoolgirls No 12 July 1987

Teenage Schoolgirls No 12 PDF Porn Magazine Quick Fuck, Plus More… High Class Photography Plus Hot Juicy School Girls, Learning About Love & Lust

When Kim invited Hilda to his place for her birthday, he told her that he had a big present for her. The last thing she had expected was a bike! “I hope you like it, little darling!” Kim said in a paternal way. “I hated seeing you ride to college on that rusty old one!” Now I’ve got something to make my friends jealous!” she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling. You don’t need to be envious of them!” Kim assured her. “You’re the prettiest of them all…!”

Hilda loved compliments of that kind because she knew they were true! All the boys at school were crazy about her, but she was only interested in her lover, who had given up his studies, in order to work with his hands. And he was very good with them that Hilda knew for a fact! He had a rough but delightful way of caressing her body, and his fucking technique was incomparable! The boys in Hilda’s class were a disappointment. Perhaps they had more intellect than Kim. but when it came to “S.E.X.”, they were completely useless! After all, Fucking is not a question of I.Q.!

Teenage Schoolgirls No 12 July 1987
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