Teenage DreamGirls No 25 February 1995

Teenage DreamGirls No 25 February 1995

Teenage DreamGirls No 25 February 1995
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 68 Pages | 124 MB

Teenage DreamGirls No 25 All texts contained in this magazine are fiction. Any similarity between situations, places or people referred to in these texts and real people, situations and places is purely coincidental. All models are +18 years old or more!

Featuring Models:
Pool Table Fuckers – Jennifer Noxt
Sailors Love Sex – Carline Moses
Erotic Dream – Alexa Parks (Blue Dress) and Stephanie Rage
Sexual Game – Barbara

As soon as Barabra set eyes on Karl, a new guy at her college, she had the hots for him. She invited him back to her place to hear some records. Karl loved pop music, but he was hoping the only tune he’d be hearing was “Melodi d’Amour”! Suddenly, Barbara felt Karl’s hand caressing her arse…

Jenny was really aroused. She’d only been joking about a trio, and now here she was, enjoying two potent pricks! Normally it would have taken an earthquake to stop Steve playing pool. She had never thought how thrilled her lover would be at the sight of another man fucking her. She decided to…

Alfons owned a motor barge which he had moored on one of the waterways of Paris. He had converted the boat’s cargo hold into a spacious living quarter with all the comforts of home. In fact, the barge was Alfons’ home, or as he called it: “My floating palace of sin”! The name was quite apt, because no girl who had ever been on board escaped unseduced! Alfons had a theory that once women left dry land, their libidos became overcharged. Denise was no exception to Alfons’ theory. She had only been on the boat for about twenty minutes…


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