Teenage DreamGirls No 08 February 1990

Teenage DreamGirls No 08 February 1990

Teenage DreamGirls No 08 Vintage PDF Magazine Sexy Vinners. High Class Photography Plus Hot Juicy School Girls, Learning About Love & Lust

Anita was a promising young swimmer, who had permission to use the local swimming hall after hours, for training. One afternoon, she arrived at the pool. but she had a very different kind of “breast stroke” in mind… She’d taken a fancy to Robert, the attendant. “Hi, Anita! You’ve got the place to yourself!” he greeted her, as she walked into the changing room. As Anita got undressed, she hoped that Robert would come in. She felt sure that he was somewhere, watching her…

She was convinced that she had felt his presence, hidden somewhere, eagerly observ-ing her, as she removed her clothes. The thought made her pussy wet with arousal. She decided to do everything she possibly could to tempt the voyeuristic poolman out of his hiding place…

Anita sat down, pulled her la-bia apart and began to frigg herself wantonly. The sight of her luscious crack made Robert’s heart gallop madly. He thought that his prick was about to go of bang! Finally, he could no longer resist the tempting sight of Anita’s fleshy-lipped gash…

Teenage DreamGirls No 08 February 1990
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