Teenage DreamGirls No 07 January 1990

Teenage DreamGirls No 07 January 1990

Teenage DreamGirls No 07 Artful Annie, Plus More… Color Climax: Teenage Dreamgirls Is Exclusively Dedicated to the ‘Exploits’ of Lovelies in Stories Specially Chosen From the Earlier Teenage Publications. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

Gaby stared in fascination at the big motorbike. She had a recurring fantasy about a big, vibrating machine like the one she was admiring purring between her legs. She could feel her cunt growing wet, as she squatted down and began to take some photographs of the magnificent machine. She was so occupied that she didn’t notice the arrival of Joachim, the cycle’s owner…

Joachim’s curiosity was aroused as well as other things! And when he invited Gaby for a ride she hopped on gladly. Back at Joachim’s place, Gaby’s quim was soaking wet. The throbbing motor of the Harley Davidson had made sure of that! She made a weak attempt at polite conversation, but both she and her host were very well aware that this was only a formal lead up to what was quite inevitable…

Joachim pushed Gaby gently onto the bed and began to lick her erect little nipples… “Ahhhh, that feels beautiful!” she sighed, as thrills of pleasure ran through her body. As Joachim continued his tender assault on her firm, young breasts, Gaby reached down and pulled the crutch of her panties to one side, to reveal a warm, wet nest of pubic hair that surrounded the glistening, swollen lips of her pussy. The smell of her cunt drifted up to his nostrils in intoxicating waves like a perfumed aphrodisiac…

Teenage DreamGirls No 07 January 1990
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