Teenage DreamGirls No 05 October 1989

Teenage DreamGirls No 05 October 1989

Teenage DreamGirls No 05 Porn Vintage Color Climax Magazine From 80s Porn Girls Pictures Just For You. Teenage DreamGirls is exclusively dedicated to the ‘exploits’ of young lovelies in stories specially chosen from the earlier Teenage publications. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

Since Julie had moved from the little provincial town she was born in to the big city lights of Copenhagen. she discovered that Denmark’s “Big Apple- had lots of wonderful things to offer. It had many fantastic tourist attractions, but even better it gave her the chance to fuck like a rabbit – something that never happened back in her home town. One day. she met a couple in a Chinese restuarant. They invited her to go back to their place for drinks and some fun…

It was a Friday, and Annie’s parents were away for the weekend. This suited Benny and Kurt perfectly… “All right, what’s the big secret?” she asked them. “It’s something very sexy!” Kurt promised her. “But before we tell you what it is, we’ll have to undress you!” By the time they got her underwear off. Annie’s curiosity wasn’t the only thing that was aroused! She relaxed and enjoyed their busy fingers caressing her quiim…

Teenage DreamGirls No 05 October 1989
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 74 Pages | 46 MB


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