Teenage DreamGirls No 03 July 1989

Teenage DreamGirls No 03 July 1989

Teenage DreamGirls No 03 July 1989
English, German, French | PDF | 68 Pages | 92 MB

Teenage DreamGirls No 03 Color Climax PDF: Teenage DreamGirls is exclusively dedicated to the ‘exploits’ of lovelies girls in stories specially chosen from the earlier Teenage publications. All models are +18 years old or more. Download many more titles from color climax publications for adults only!

When Heidi decided to take piano lessons from Morton B., it was because one of her classmates had told her that he was fantastic when it carne to sex. It was not because of her love of the piano! And when she finally arrived at his piace, she was immediately attracted to him. He took her hand and kissed it like a French gentleman. He always liked to take his time with the ladies, which in his opinion was a much more exciting way of doing things than behaving like a sex-crazed rabbit! “You know, you have very beautiful fingers!” he complimented her. “You’re almost certain to become a real virtuoso!”

When Heidi seated herself at the piano, Morton expected her to play some basic finger exercises to begin with. But instead of showing her musical dexterity, Heidi let her hands wander from the key-board to Morton’s fly! His prick began to grow iron-hard. “Teli me, d’you think you’II learn to play the piano-forte this way?” he asked jokingly. “Or have you heard something about me from one of your friends?” he continued. “It doesn’t really matter, I like your direct approach!” he concluded with a gasp as Heidi reached into his underpants and grabbed his big, throbbing penis…


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