Teenage Climax No 08 December 1981

Teenage Climax No 08 December 1981

Teenage Climax No 08 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine & Loop Featuring The Orgasm Machine With CC Models Christa And Hanne, The Present Featuring CC Models Inger And Lene, Shana Featuring Mei Ling. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

You have probably guessed already that Michaela has received a dildo as a present from Frank. Just the right thing for a lively, lustful young woman. Birgit had already strapped her special comrade on and before Michaela was aware of it she had already whipped the thing between her paradise gateway lips. Frank watched the pair of them closely for a time and then freed his cock from his pants.

Michaela and Birgit have been friends for years and are inseparable. They had their first experiences with men together, on the same day and in the same hour, they were deflowered by one and the same man and thats the way things have stayed since. If Birgit meets a new lad, then Michaela too meets him (intimately) and vice versa.

And so it was with Frank. He had met Birgit in a disco and it wasn’t long before they had agreed to who’s home they would go, to Birgit’s of course. You can well imagine the look of astonishment on his face as a half-dressed girl already sat in the bedroom and the pair of them left him in no doubt that they both wanted to be thoroughly shagged by him. There are those who are pleased with themselves when they can make it with just one girl and Frank had “killed two birds with one stone” so to speak. In the meantime, Birgit was now living together with Frank but one likes to recall old times now and again and so they met regularly as a threesome for what was always a thumping good evening!

Teenage Climax No 08 December 1981
English, German, French, Dutch| PDF/WMV | 68 Pages/8 Mins | 438 MB


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