Swedish Erotica International Erotic Film Review No 02

Swedish Erotica International Erotic Film Review No 02

Swedish Erotica International Erotic Film Review No 02 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Featuring Model Cris Cassidy And More …!

Viola is the only white person with an all black rock band and she loves every moment of it be-cause she digs black guys the most. And of course they dig her; I mean dig her in every way there is to dig a pretty blonde sex-pot like her; like dig her up the ass with an eight inch black cock. She’d never had that experience before joining the band and she got her charges from the first very first time she raised up on her shoulders and bent her legs back around her head. That black stud al-most shoved his balls into her hole, and when he got through the other members of the band took his place.

Only one of them was too big to get his prick into her ass so she got down and sucked the hell out of him; the poor guy felt his balls were coming loose on that one, but he exploded into the back of her throat and she thought that the back of her neck was going to be blasted away. But the black cum was just as creamy and white as any white dude she had had back in Podunk where she came from.

The black guys seemed to have more of a talent for that sort of thing. One of the other big kicks she got was when this one guy which she could take up the ass, shoved it into her ass and the other guy, the trumpet player took her in the pussy and then the guitar player stuck it into her mouth. She had her ass going in all different directions, forced by the big cocks, and her head spinning with the delights of the cock stuck down her throat, sucking and licking every inch of it.

She was, that time, grateful for the arrival of a girlfriend she had met and taken in as a traveling companion although the girl did nothing with the entertainment part of the band; that is the entertainment part where an audience is concerned. But entertain she could do and when she came backstage and saw what was going on she threw off her clothes and pulled the big guy out of Viola’s throat.

Swedish Erotica International Erotic Film Review No 02
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