Swedish Erotica A Film Review Magazine No 32 (1995)

Swedish Erotica A Film Review Magazine No 32 (1995)

Swedish Erotica A Film Review Magazine No 32 (1995)
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Swedish Erotica No 32 A Film Review Magazine (1995) by Ultracolor Publications. Published in 1995 but it’s a review of Campus Cuties (1985) featuring Mauvais DeNoir, Nikki Charm, Summer Rose, Taija Rae & Tracey Adams, Buck Adams, Jesse Eastern, Kevin James, Rick Savage, Shone Taylor & Tom Byron. Magazine is full color.

Whew, is this thing a turn-on. CAMPUS CUT1ES. a full-length home video from CABALLERO takes us inside a college fraternity house…at orgy time, and is it ever a cock-raiser. In this scene, guys and girls get it on together. . for real. A super-gorgeous blonde coed, too shy to get naked in the orgy, pairs off with a handsome football star in the privacy of his room.

She’s every man’s dream of the perfect fuck! There’s only one black chick in the sorority, but she’s a sensational, cat-like beauty. A star at the orgy in her bra and panties, she takes ’em off for the lucky frat-house president. They end up balling on the desk in his bedroom. Sensuous camera work marks this sizzling sequence in the home video CAMPUS CUBES A big man on campus dips his lube-laden fingers into a wiggling coed’s crack …then follows his hand inside with a hard cock. The chick screams for more!

All models are 18 years of age or older. Any similarity between real persons and characters depicted in fiction or semi-fiction herin is purly coincidental.


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