Swank February 1994

Swank February 1994

Swank February 1994
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Swank February 1994 Featuring Hot Models Porn Magazine Vintage PDF

Covergirl & Centerfold Gabrielle
Most Shocking Oral Close-Ups Ever!
Make Her Fantasy Come To Life!
The Ultimate Weekend Of Sex!
More Sexually Explicit Pages!

6 Taylor Lynn
A lead off girl who’s not afraid to show it al!
16 Letters
Molten hot mail from our readers.
19 Simone & Doreen
A pair of pouty mouth blondes go at it!
28 Wane’s World
Taylor strips down and gets a deep rub!
30 Debra Ann
A country girl shows you her lush valley!
42 Knight Moves
Summer sexually satisfies a female fan.
45 Rosa & Dave
This pretty little girl stuggles to handle her lover’s big needs!
56 Dare Talk
Barbara reveals the ingredients to her secret aphrodisiac!
59 Pamela
The beauty of a princess and the moves a porn queen!
68 The Ultimate Weekend of Sex!
A step-by-step guide to 48 hours of the greatest sex ever!
73 Susie & Mickey
She sits on her girlfriend’s face!
80 Rage Talk
The Dating Game was never like this!
82 Gabrielle
She’ll put you under her spell!
94 Felicia
She’ll have you swinging from the chandeliers!
170 Stephanie
A shocking display of unbridled sensuality!


Let’s get right to the point. Cut to the chase. Stop beating around the bush. Girls, girls, girls! Nude, nude, nude! Wet, wet, wet! Spread, spread, spread!
This month’s issue of SWANK is a completely unabashed and totally uncensored look at beautiful women in the wildest poses ever!
You’ve seen her hands caressing another woman’s breasts and her tongue probing the moist valleys between her lover’s legs, now Taylor Lynn goes solo and gives you an intimate look deep inside.
If you think you can handle it, kick open the door and take a peek at Debra Ann. She’ll show you what unbridled beauty, long luscious legs and the willingness to bare it all looks like. And then sometimes things just happen, like when Simone and Doreen are overcome with passion and engage in a red hot session of bare bottom worship.
A red velvet dress, a pair of white cotton panties and the sexiest flash of pink. That’s Gabrielle, this month’s centerfold beauty – a shy girl who proved to be one of the most alluring women to ever spread for our photographers.
Pushing it to the limit. Rosa and Dave are a pair of hot blooded Europeans who devour each other’s sex in a shocking display of oral love like we’ve never seen before. A strip tease that’s sure to get you hot. Pamela slowly peels off every sexy stitch in a bold and wanton display of her flawless body.
Susie and Mickey, two beautiful girls – too good to be true! Never before have we been able to get a pair of women this beautiful to go this far with one another’s body! A wild animal – an Amazon dream – Felicia. This girl is pure, untamed sex with a ferocious appetite for sex!
And then we have Stephanie, a simmering sex-pot, who uses her tongue like a lethal weapon. Turn to page 162 and see what we mean!
The Editors


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