Supergirls No 01 October 1974

Supergirls No 01 October 1974

Supergirls No 01 October 1974 was a monthly Poster Magazine. If you opened out the magazine then you ended up with a giant poster on one side and the equivalent of 8 pages of A4 on the other. It was published by Aquarius Publications Ltd of Harlesden, London NW10.

Featured Models In This Issue Are Page 001 Cover Girl Lindsay Rudland, Page 002 to 003 Joelle, Page 004 to 006 Chantal, Page 007 to 008 Gianna page 009 to 016, Poster Girl Nina Carter

Beachcombing can be the most fascinating of pastimes, and even more so when there are opportunities to find such treasures as Joelle washed up at your feet. The only trouble is, this particular beach is in Kenya and it was there that Joelle whiled away her summer. So the cost of finding this particular example of female bric-a-brac would have to include the price of the air fare. There are still many who’d consider it a bargain.

She is a denizen of the Midi, the south of France where the richness of the colours inspired men like Vincent Van Gogh to produce masterpieces. Exotic blooms of this nature need the strength and regularity of that sun and Chantal maintains that’s why there’s only the slimmest chances of enticing her away from her native parts. Such an effort would be considerable. But, consider, so would be the rewards…

Supergirls No 01 October 1974
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