Spree Volume 01 No 38 (1963)

Spree Volume 01 No 38 (1963)

Spree Volume 01 No 38 (1963)
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Spree Volume 01 No 38 is published monthly by NEW PUBLISHING CO. Editorial and business offices: Suite 316 6912 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles 28, California. Any similarity between people and places mentioned in this fiction and semi-fiction magazine and real people and places is purely coincidental. Copyright 1963 by NEW PUBLISHING CO., Printed in U.S.A. All models are +18 years old or more!

Every once in a while, the editors of SPREE suddenly find that the material selected for an issue falls into a neatly packaged category, like a heavy foreign interest issue or something singularly worth talking about, like a particularly sexy set of girls. Well this month we have such a variety that we were almost tempted to call the presentation spice.

First, George Smith retells the eyewitness account of Hitler’s Death Plot, a gripping bit of history right from one of the guys who barely escaped with his life. Meanwhile, back to the spice of life, we have not overlooked SPREE’s gals. Blondes, brunettes, and pert redheads spark the old libido engines in this issue. Want still more action? The fiction department offers a frightenng ride, after a particularly passionate bed scene.

And Sam Alberts portrays what happens to two young lovers on a lustful, shattering ‘Double Date’. Enough? Oh, no! There’s a nostalgic piece on a now closed burlesque house, a bare-facts bit with a few words and a lot of just plain bare-busted babes. We’re especially pleased with this issue of SPREE. Agree? Disagree?


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