Spick No 198 May 1970

Spick No 198 May 1970

Spick No 198 May 1970
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Spick No 198 May 1970 is published monthly by taco Publications (Fullerton & Lloyd (Publishers) Ltd.). Office of Publication: Format House, 88 Park Lane, Croydon, CR9 I BY. Sole Distributors: Surridge Dawson & Co. Ltd., 136-142 New Kent Road, London, S.E.I. Price Two Shillings and Sixpence per copy. Printed in GREAT BRITAIN by The Gatwick Press Ltd., Lowfield Heath, Crawley, Sussex.

You’ll be interested to know that DONNA SHARP isn’t just a pretty face. She’s a Coventry girl and besides having the kind of looks at which the boys whistle a bit feverishly, Donna is as cute as a pearl button.
A shorthand-typist with an aptitude for efficiency, Donna can also handle a Mini. A Mini being a real goer, lots of girls find them rather fast, but Donna can manage, thank you.

She’s eighteen, measures 36-23-36, is mad about pop music — aren’t we all in our different ways?—and while so many others are worrying about the bomb, Donna is finding life can be fun. If your girl friend is the kind who’s always agitating you into joining demonstrations, why not swop her with somebody else’s dolly and have fun yourself?


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