Skirts Up Pants Down

Skirts Up Pants Down

Skirts Up Pants Down Gourmet Porn Magazine Vintage PDF Featuring Models Like Tamara Longle, Renee LaPaz, Becky Savage, Tawny Pearl, Shaun Michelle, Bambi Lee, Connie Peterson

Head is always the best when we’re both half undressed. We get off on each other’s impatience to suck. I can’t get his cock down my throat quick enough. He can’t wait to eat out my cunt. He’s the impulsive type. One minute he’ll be nibbling my ear, the next he’ll be nuzzling my cunt. Once excitement makes me part my thighs, there’s no stopping his ravenous mouth.

For me the hottest turn on is having a man dig his hand into my pants while I’m blowing him. I love when he fingers my damp, throbbing muff while I suck his cock. “The most exciting thing I can imagine is a stud with his pants undone. When his big dick rears its handsome head, my mouth waters along with my cunt.”

Skirts Up Pants Down (Gourmet Edition 94)
English | PDF | 96 Pages | 187 MB


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