Skirt No 35 (1973)

Skirt No 35 (1973)

Skirt No 35 (1973)
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Skirt No 35 Magazine, based on the information at Pulp Trader, launched in 1967 with issue No.1 and then closed down in late 1969 or early 1970.
It then relaunched with a pre-title of “The new, way out” in early 1971 starting with issue No.1 (again). This iteration was published by Top Sellers Ltd of Wardour Street, London W1 and seems to have closed down in 1974

Featuring Models:
Page 2 Marcia = Annette Moore.
Page 5 Carole Anne Meadows
Pages 6 to 12 Feature and stills from the film “The Gymnasium”
Pages 15 to 17 Diana
Page 21 Full Page Magazine advert featuring Marilu Tolo
Pages 24 to 30 Lucille Graham
Page 31 Kathy
Pages 32 to 33 Carole
Page 34 Juliette
Page 35 Danielle
Pages 36 to 39 Simone Sanderson
Pages 44 to 45 Mary Leinster
Page 49 Trish Parker
Pages 50 to 54 Louise Ronsard
Pages 57 to 61 Feature and stills from the 1968 film Thar She Blows
Page 63 Valerie Green
Page 64 Kim
Page 64 Bette Lamonte

Dear SKIRT, I have just made a great and amazing discovery, and I am writing to tell you all about it. I am twenty-eight years old, and my past sex life has been all right, if nothing particularly special. In fact, I’ve been feeling quite frustrated lately. It was probably the frustration that had a hand in my deciding to take up glamour photography. I’ve always been interested in photography, but have concentrated mainly on outdoor scenes, landscapes and so on. But I’ve always had a yen to try my hand at glamour work. So I eventually went out and bought all the equipment I would need for indoor work. My next problem was to find a willing model. But surprisingly this turned out to be no problem. In fact, I have found that most women, including the beautiful ones, have a secret desire to be photographed in their undies or in the nude.


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