Silky No 08 (1960)

Silky No 08 (1960)

Silky No 08 (1960)
English | PDF | 52 Pages | 8 MB

Silky No 08 (1960) is published by Ben’s Books, 10 Clarendon Road, London and printed by P.C.P. Ltd., Peterborough

History of Torture Through the Ages, Under the Last, History Corporal Punishment, Female Homosexuality Encyclopedia, Sex Practice Sex in Our Changing World, Encyclopaedia, Sex Knowledge, Anomalies and Perversions Sexual Life in England, Worship of Love, Curious Customs, Love Recipes, Cities of Sin, Lust Market, Sex Life in Man and Woman, Kamakala Indian Exotic Sculptures, L’Erotistn an Cinema, Le fantastique au Cinema, Technique de l’Eroticism, A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus, The History of Capital Punishment, Womans Experience of the Male.

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