Showboat Volume 01 No 04 (1964)

Showboat Volume 01 No 04 (1964)

Showboat Volume 01 No 04 (1964)
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Showboat Volume 01 No 04 (1964) is published four times per year by American Art Agency. Inc., with editorial offices at 7311 Fulton Ave., North Hollywood. California. All rights reserved on entire contents of this issue: nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher. Copyright American An Agency, Inc., 1964. Manuscripts sod illustrations must be accompanied by self-addressed stamped envelope; the publisher cannot assume responsibility for the safe return of unsolicited material.

We do not release any information about or sell photographs of any model appearing in this magazine. Any similarity between persons living or dead and characters named in fiction or semi-fiction is entirely coincidental. All photographs used for any purpose in this magazine are posed by professional models and neither the photographs nor the words accompanying them describe, or are meant to be understood as, the actual personality or conduct of the model. All models are +18 Years Old or more!

Up until a few years ago, our movie queens had to keep themselves well clothed at all times on the screen. If Betty Grable showed too much of her celebrated gams, (in a skirt, that is. Swim suits and show biz briefs were okay.) or if Jane Russell opened one blouse button too many, the Hays Office nixed it, but quick. Ah, but times have changed, thank heaven, and now, in the nudie films, a lovely creature like Eleanor Babcock can display her fetching form as well as her vivacious personality.


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