Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars
English | PDF | 36 Pages | 41 MB

Shooting Stars Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Featuring Blonde On Cover Which Is Dana Dennis And Many More …

After an intense basketball workout, Pam and Denise are ready to give Coach John a hearty workout, too. The passes he had made during practice were designed to score, and he’s proving that his technique works, as Pam offers her meaty tits to John’s tongue, while Denise takes his cock into her sucking mouth. Then Pam dives down between John’s legs to run her tongue around John’s pecker. John was so hot from watching these two bounce around on the court that it only takes a couple of minutes before he blows his wad, and both girls take turns sucking up John’s bubbly ooze.

While John is satisfied, the girls are left hot by the hot tub. They climb in to relax their weary muscles, but their pussy muscles are crying out for attention. Denise leans forward to lick and nibble on Pam’s nipples, making them hard. Then Denise lowers her head, first kissing Pam’s soft stomach before teasing her tongue through Pam’s pubic bush. Soon, Denise’s mouth covers Pam’s wet cunt, licking the sensitive folds, until Pam shudders with her orgasm.


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