Sheer Hose No 01 May 1965

Sheer Hose No 01 May 1965

Sheer Hose No 01 May 1965
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Sheer Hose No 01 May 1965 Contents copyright 1964 by Tri-S Publications, 921 N. Fairfax Ave., Hollywood 48, Calif. All right reserved. Any similarity between persons or places mentioned in the fiction in this publication and any real people or places is purely coincidental.

Men and women both agree that the sexiest color in women’s underclothes is black by far. But in recent years there have been so many new exciting colors in nighties, panties and bras that some of the reds, pinks, blues and whites have cut into the popularity that black used to dominate. This is especially true if the girl has a darker complexion or a nice tan.

A working girl is taught to smile repeatedly during a working day since in most cases she must meet a critical public, eye to eye. This is a well-trained habit that is hard to break when such a girl goes before the cameras as a newcomer to the modeling field. A pleasant smile, especially one that does not look forced makes a real nice picture but is definitely taboo in figure work where the model should look rather serious and look away from the camera at all time.


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