Sexual Fantasy No 36 April 1986

Sexual Fantasy No 36 April 1986

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Elli’s reverie was disturbed by a knock on her door. It was Knud. Hurriedly she hid the magazine. -Hi. what are you up to?” asked Knud. “Oh, Just homework.” replied EDI blushing. Knud sat down beside her, and picked up her magazine. -Sexy homework!” he smiled. Elli decided to take the plunge. She pointed to a picture of a man having his prick sucked. “I wonder what that feels like.” she said. Knud opened his fly. “There’s one way to find out!” he smiled …

Knud’s erect throbbing dick felt wonderful. Elli rubbed it gently, and then with a sigh of contentment started to lick around the glistening head. “Hm, that tastes so good!” she said, stroking his heavy balls and then taking his cock into her mouth, she began to suck It greedily. Knud groaned passionately …

The young girls sat at their desks shaking with excitement. They were going to give their teacher a surprise before he started giving them a sex education lecture. As he came Into the classroom with a box under his arm, his cheeky pupils unbuttoned their blouses and presented their firm young breasts.

Sexual Fantasy No 36 April 1986
English, German, French | PDF | 32 Pages | 53 MB


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