Sexual Fantasy No 30 February 1986

Sexual Fantasy No 30 February 1986

Sexual Fantasy No 30 Sexy Surprise And Plugged At Both Ends Color Climax Vintage Danish Porn Magazine

I always liked doing business with Ramon. He was very informal and friendly, and whenever he retained my firm to take care of his legal problems, there was always a pleasant surprise involved. One afternoon. he had invited me to his apartment, to witness his signature on some documents, and whilst Rose, his housekeeper was serving us drinks, he said to her: “Rose, why don’t you ring that escort agency, you know the one, and get them to send a nice girl round to entertain two tired businessmen .. A”

Lisa – the girl from the agency -turned up very quickly. She was a really good-looking brunette, with the kind of figure that I like. She was also anxious to get down to busi-ness, and so was Ramon… “My friend has had a strenuous day.” he informed her, “and I’m sure you know just the way to help him to unwind!” he continued hornily. Lisa understood, and we both made our way to the bedroom. Once there, she pushed me onto the bed and started to get out of her clothes. My cock grew hard immediately… “My! Aren’t you a big boy!” she said, look-ing at the bulge in my pants. “You need a little blow-job and a nice fuck, to help you to relax…!”

Sexual Fantasy No 30 February 1986
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