Sexual Fantasy No 29 February 1986

Sexual Fantasy No 29 February 1986

Sexual Fantasy No 29 February 1986
English, German, French | PDF | 32 Pages | 26.1 MB

Sexual Fantasy No 29 Sexy Swap Color Climax Vintage Danish Porn Magazine

Edward’s boring duty as a sentry, guarding the rear en-trance to a building that housed a military show, began to take on a very different aspect, when Lizzy and Martha suddenly turned up. They soon had his prick standing to attention, having given him a most exciting blow job. And having sucked him to “fighting fitness”, tiny impaled herself on his weapon for a nice little ride. Edward was feeling so randy, that he didn’t give a damn about being caught with his pants down – Lizzy’s tight tunny was worth a court-martial!

Quite often, to help pass the endless hours, standing stiffly in his sentry box. Edward killed time by day-dreaming. He had a powerful imagination – but this time, he had to pinch him-sell just to make sure he was awake! Knowing that they’d reached the point of no return. he willingly accepted Lizzy’s invitation to lie down and get thoroughly lucked! Things had to go fast due to the risky circumstances, but a quickie can quite often be as satisfying as a long drawn out screwing session. Soon, Lizzy would once again thrill to the touch of cold buttons on her skin!

In a corner, Martha was doing some guard-duty of her own, keeping a sharp look-out for anybody who might come. In spite of her promise to give the judge a rousing screw, she really would not have liked to see such a fine man be subjected to the disgrace of a court-martial! She was in fact sexy enough and gifted with the sort of powers of persuasion that could influence a king, let alone a senior military officer! “Shh! be quiet …! I can hear something!” Martha exclaimed suddenly …


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