Sexual Fantasy No 27 November 1985

Sexual Fantasy No 27 November 1985

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Shapely and seductive Sybil is no stranger to the pornography business. But she didn’t start showing her succulent snatch – and all the other lovely parts of her body – until quite recently. Sybil began her life in a big mail-order company, that sent dirty films and magazines to customers all over the world. Her reaction to being subjected to a large daily dose of pictures of people fornicating and posing in deliciously obscene ways, had a different effect on her than she expected.

Freddy had fancied Lena. Jenni’s sister for quite some time, and he thought that if he showed her some naughty photos of her older sister it might inspire some hot action. He was right. Jenni was all for the idea of a threesome too, and although Lena wasn’t too sure at first, she felt a distinct thrill in her clitoris when Jenni leaned over Freddy and started to unzip his fly. Freddy lay back and groaned lecherously at her gentle touch.

Sexual Fantasy No 27 November 1985
English, German, French | PDF | 32 Pages | 51 MB


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